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A study on homeowners insurance premiums in the U.S. by the National Association of Commissioners (NAIC) showed that Wisconsin had the lowest homeowners insurance premium among the states. In an ordinary homeowner insurance policy in Wisconsin, the average premium is $266 annually, while the countrywide average is $487. In the further research of calculated prices of homeowners insurance coverage, Wisconsin ranked lowest, or near the lowest, in every category. Wisconsin has a very competitive insurance market place. As Wisconsin insurance commissioner Connie O'Connell said:” Insurance for homes—and also cars—is comparatively cheap in Wisconsin. Our market is very competitive, so when people shop around, they can often find a good price.” Insurance companies set their rates depending on losses, invest income and competition among insurers. In Wisconsin, there are more than 200 homeowners insurance companies and the consumers are price-smart. A state law of Wisconsin requires insurance companies to give a 60days warning period if premiums are going to rise more than a quarter. During this period, consumers can contact other insurance companies for a better rate.