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Purchasing home owners insurance in California can be stressful if you do not know California unique situtations. Several factors influence the decision of choosing the policy that is right for your house.

There are three typical insurance types in the whole as other states, which are structure insurance, personal property insurance and accidents insurance. Different types of policies come with different price tags. In California, you will need to keep the following differences in mind before you purchase a home owner insurance:

1. Most homeowner and rental insurance policies do not cover damage caused by an earthquake, but coverage can be added to most policies as an endorsement. Depending on the specific area where you live in California, additional wild wind disaster insurance may be in need. It is reported that 60-70 percent of earthquake in America during 21 century will take place in Californian and its neighborhood, so it is necessary for Californians to buy enough earthquake converge to rebuild house and replace broken possessions. If you finally decide to buy, the amount of insurance you need should based on the replacement and reconstruction costs instead of the market value of your property and possessions. There are two ways to get earthquake, flood and /or hurricane insurance protection for residents of California, renters and condominium owners: California Earthquake Authority, a state-sponsored private-public partnership providing earthquake insurance. Additionally, California homeowners can also buy earthquake policies outside the CEA. The cost of the coverage will depend on the likelihood of earthquakes in the area. (Very nice done. Simple, clear and well-written)

2. Finding good homeowner's insurance coverage has become increasingly difficult in California because the insurance industry becomes gradually unstable for the high payouts for natural disasters, such as flood, earthquake and hurricane. If you purchase a policy in California, you might find that you have to pay much higher premium than your friends living in other nearby states for the same coverage. The cost of home insurance in California increased at a higher rate than other states. You might notice that though either you or the seller of the property has made any claims at all, your premium is raised year by year. You’d better get a policy in California with a high deductible to lower the premium and reduce the possibility of minor claims. Homeowners in California should take preventative measures to minimize the financial damage suffered after a disaster strikes.

3. Most homeowners’ insurance policies cover additional living expenses that are called a rider and may include motel charges, food and warehouse storage if your home is damaged by an insured event to the point you can not live there while repairs are being made.