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Home owner insurance protects the consumers from ot only accidents and natural disasters but also emergency resulting from owners’ negligence and additional living expenses. Different home owners insurances cover various areas of perils (causes of loss).

There are three key types of protections in the home owner insurances: property damage protection; loss of personal property protection and liability claims by others. Property damage coverage helps to pay for damage to a consumer’s home and personal property as well as structures. When you consider buying the property damage insurance, you have to make sure that the basic coverage is enough to cover such an event. Personal property within the home is also covered. When buying the personal property insurance, you should decide what the maximum payout would be . As to the coverage, it protects your belongings in your home.
When you shop around for home owner insurance, there are several ways to help you save money.

. The higher the deductible, the lower your home owners' premiums will be.
. Keep a good credit score, which will place the home owners in the most preferred rating tier with the insurance companies.
. The age and the address of homes play important parts in deciding the insurance services type. Most companies offer discounts to homes aged 20-year-old or more. The biggest discount would be for a brand new house. The insurance companies offer discounts for multiple policies. With the appropriate package of different items for home owner insurance together, you can obtain the best rate. Exotic elements also should be paid extra attention. For example, if you are a non-smoker, you can negotiate with your agent to get the discount. if you install an alarm system, you can get some discount too.

Make claims on home owner insurance:
. Contact your home insurance agent or company immediately to find out if your insurance policy covers that particular issue.
. Do not wait for the insurance fee to kick in but make temporary repairs to prevent further damage. Keep all receipts for any repairs that are made and get several written estimation files from licensed contractors on cost of repairs to your home.
. Do survey on the damage. Make a list of items for the adjuster to review before they arrive. Provide pictures of your home both before and after damage if possible. You'd better show some supporting documents - a home inventory list and the cost estimation list of the furniture, and etc.
. You will need to complete some paperwork that your agent or company sends as quickly as possible and hence follow some guidelines to receive a fair settlement.

In the United States, home owner insurances is an expensive purchase, therefore, it is very important for consumers to make a well-investigated decision on the policy coverage.