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Home insurance is a kind of insurance designed to protect you from damage to your house and other property. But the coverages and the rates of home insurance may vary between states of U.S., and the following information could help you to get a profile of the states mentioned.

In the state of Kentucky, no matter how much you cost to buy your house, the market value of your house is not equal to your insurance you purchased to cover. The broad form of Kentucky homeowner’s insurance protects your home, garage, other structures and contents from damage. The premium for homeowner insurance in Kentucky is still rising since September 11, 2001, but the growth of that is slowing down in recent years. That rose an average of 13 percent in 2002, 15 percent in 2003, and 12 percent in 2004. The reason why Kentucky keep increasing the premium for home insurance is the catastrophes. Because most territory of Kentucky is included in the hail-prone zone, the average cost per claim in Kentucky exceeded $3600. And the ratio of the outgoing to the collection of the insurance company is higher than 3/2. Kentucky accounts for just $5 million of direct written premium in 2003 while the countrywide aggregate of that is $313,781,216,000. The percentage of homeowners insurance in Kentucky is 9.4, a little lower than the average 10.7 all over the country. Kentucky’s homeowners’ loss ratio in 2002 is notably 125.9 percent compared to the countrywide average of 61.8 percent.