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In NC, the damages caused by flood waters, landslide, mudslide or mud flow, the amount of coverage for personal belongings is not in the usual policy, in addition, you need buy insurance for jewelry, silverware, furs, art collection, etc as a supplementary policy. Flooding is not covered unless you buy a flood insurance policy which can only be obtained through the National Flood Insurance Program. If you do not have flood insurance coverage, once you suffer a flooding-related loss, the federal government fund is definitely not enough to fully compensate your loss. If you buy a house in North Carolina, it must be insured for at least 80 percent of its replacement cost or it will not qualify for repair or replacement without having deductions made for depreciation. Some insurance companies in North Carolina require you to carry insurance for 90 to 100 percent replacement cost. A renter in NC needs insurance, too. The initial insurance purchased by landlord only covers the building other than personal belongings. But luckily enough, the renter’s policies are much cheaper than the homeowners’ insurance. In North Carolina, the homeowner’s policy cannot be used to cover any mobile home or trailer home. A special policy designed especially for mobile home that must be owner occupied is needed.