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Utah home owners insurance companies offer personal liability umbrella coverage for extra protection. The Utah homeowners’ insurance policy will not usually cover anything relates to motor vehicles, including car stereos, speakers and decks used in cars, flooding, mud slides, earthquakes or any earth movement. Earthquake coverage may be available with most insurance companies in Utah. Many polices in Utah homeowners’ insurance generally restrict to military officers and their families because the complex composition of military personnel and ex-dependents of USAA members in Utah.

Utah is one of the seven largest western fire-prone states. The eight famous largest property and casualty insurers in USA controlled 65.4 percent of the fire insurance market in Utah. Strictly speaking, fire is not a homeowners’ policy in Utah but an extended coverage policy that usually includes perils insured against fire or lighting; explosion and smoke other than the contents or personal liability of a house. The Utah Insurance Department receives complaints from consumers on various types of homeowner’s insurance matters. The Department always keeps a log of all complaints that have a degree of validity. But since 2002, the Utah Insurance Department has proposed to change privacy regulation in homeowner insurance claim process to largely reduce the cost of insurance because the third party claimant could not establish an ongoing relationship with the insurer if the regulation changes. The activity of this kind indeed would impose additional notice requirements on the insurer.

Utah Insurance Law requires that a person be licensed as an agent before they sell insurance. In Utah, the premiums charged for homeowners insurance vary widely from company to company. Utah Insurance offers several homeowners insurance discounts that are not offered together and the requirements always suffer changing according to the market. So as a Utah insurer, you have to regularly review the coverage with you to be sure you have received the discounts for which you qualify.