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Washington State Home Insurance

Insurance has many types, including health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and so on. Home insurance is one of those types, and also called homeowners insurance.

In Washington, Home insurance is very popular because of its protection for the house and personal liabilities against risks, although it is not required by law. After buying the home insurance, the insured has to pay premium to the insurer every year. For the home insurance premium in US, Washington with the average premium of $589, ranked the 8th in the least expensive states in 2005, according to statistics. However, different insurance company has different rate and coverage. In order to save money, consumer needs to search enough information from as many companies as possible, and choose the most beneficial one as his/her insurance agent.

Actually, each family has their own way of dealing with unexpected accidents to ensure security of the family, no matter how poor or rich. In America, in which the insurance system is relatively developed based on power of national economy, people can put eggs into different baskets, which can reduce risk of investment. Residents in Washington, generally take investing way to ensure its family security, mainly to avoid financial trouble. They can invest in some companies by buying their shares, deposit money into different banks, or directly keep close touch with insurance company. For example, a family can spend some money monthly in health insurance, to gain certain compensation once they have some heath problems, and, of course, they can still invest in other types of insurance to get return. Anyway, diversity of dealing with assets as well as insurance can make each family in Washington safer.       

First, Family insurance coverage :
Family insurance includes property insurance and life insurance.
(A) the scope of property insurance:
1. Clothing, bedding;
2, photographic equipment, supplies, and other cultural entertainment;

3, furniture, appliances, and other means of subsistence;

(B) the scope of life insurance
1. You and your family by the accidental injury
2. You or your family members caused injuries to others
3. Including the harm from pets.
Second, the scope of responsibility
1, fire, explosion
2. thunderstorms, snowstorms, floods, land subsidence, tornadoes, mudslides;
3, plane crashes, the loss to the UFO
Third, except responsibilities include:

① war, similar to the conduction of war, hostilities, armed conflict, expropriation, strikes, riots caused by loss;

② nuclear radiation and pollution;

③ the insured person or his or her family members of the deliberate action